We Are Just Grass

I saw this movie called Monga which describe early Taipei gangster. This lines are form the movie.

Where the wind blows, the grass will bow.
When I was young, I thought I could be like the wind.
Not until I was wounded, did I realize I am only like the insignificant grass.


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Vote for Your Yahoo Experience

Yahoo! Taiwan has hold this vote for days. All it’s about is to upload your video about usage of yahoo in daily life. But,guess which topic get the first place for now? It’s like an ad from Google. The creator of the video said : “I love Yahoo! since my childhood. By time’s passing,  there is more and more ads on the title page, more spam mail than those email  I really want to receive, I started using iGoogle”. I know this didn’t happen on Yahoo!US, but same problem seems happen on China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I just read article about Hotmail group discussing how many ads should put on their web mail pages. Maybe Yahoo! should do the same for Chinese people. I am sure Yahoo! will be my last choice after Google and Microsoft.

Chinese support of Windows

If you are not sure how to make your computer to have Chinese support.
Here are two websites for you to see if this work.

Info from Wiki Help:Multilingual support (East Asian)

Microsoft Support

You may need to use Internet Explorer to view the Traditional Chinese by selecting Big-5 code to enable it. (In general Traditional Chinese computer uses both Unicode and Big-5, Simplified Chinese uses GB)