Friends Visit

Today, my friend travel to the town near my place. I decide to go meet him and his wife. I was exciting because we never able to see each other for years after all. We spent whole afternoon chatting and hanging. It doesn’t really matters where we’ve been or what we talked about. What matters is we know each other are good. It’s good to know his wife and knowing her pregnant. They are very sweet couple and I am so happy for them. I am looking forward to the birth of their baby.

It Was My Obstacle

I want to try every beautiful, good and nice things in my life. But what if it is against God? If it is against God, it shouln’t be beautiful, good and nice. It should be something else, isn’t it?

Last weekend

Lots of things happened recently. I know more and more friends here after I went back to Tainan. I start to assist my dads company. Because of my mom start to work for epilepsy association I have chance to help them sell stuff for raise funds. Well … I won’t say it’s happy. But it’s helping people at least I think.

By the way, I went to the Southern Sun ALL NEW Great Moscow Circus last Friday. I didn’t know how cool they can be before I saw them. It’s great!

Friends I miss

I went to TaiChung Stake this week.
I saw many friend I missed a lot.
Finally I have chance to talk to them.
But I also be told that Elder Shreeve is going back to US.
Hope that he can send me E-mail in the future and keep in contact.
Will he forget me?