I Just Update My Phone

After long waiting, Marshmallow the Android 6.0 update finally coming to my old model phone Sony Z2. Everything works good so far. Greenify crash the phone several times, I figure it out after I update it. I thought it was Xposed, but it’s not. They removed “Stamina Mode“, but I heard “maybe” they will bring it back at later updating … we will see. I just hope the new Android Doze will work as well as Stamina Mode before. By the way, I used Serajr Xperia™ Xposed and the author does not have the new update for Marshmallow yet.

Trying to Find a Good Webhosting for Customer

It took me a while for finding good and stable one. Many of them cut down the original service. If you want the same size or functions, you will have to pay more. Sometimes it’s annoying, but it’s understandable. I just hope this new one I found can be more reliable.
Oh, there are some life trivia of me today. One girl and the other guy in the class just suddenly decided to greet me. So, I just smile back. And there was another thing happened. One of my american friend called me, saying he wants to buy something but he need someone translate to the business man. So, I just did a little talk, and my friend seems very happy about it. It sounds like I solved his huge problem. These are something make me happy today, and I want to write it down. haha


Need no keyboard and mouse?

There is more and more technology make it work that computer is not just like traditional operating way. For example, after “Mouse gestures” for years, Opera 10 is going to have “Face gesture”. All you have to do is to blink your eyes, open mouth, or raise your brow. I am not sure if this is more convenience then moving just one finger, but it is one trying after all.

Chinese support of Windows

If you are not sure how to make your computer to have Chinese support.
Here are two websites for you to see if this work.

Info from Wiki Help:Multilingual support (East Asian)

Microsoft Support

You may need to use Internet Explorer to view the Traditional Chinese by selecting Big-5 code to enable it. (In general Traditional Chinese computer uses both Unicode and Big-5, Simplified Chinese uses GB)