Oh! I love this web host.

Years of moving around between different web hosts. I think I might settle down here at this latest host. It was about more than a year ago, I decided to try Google Cloud Platform and it went very well.

I was worried Google Cloud Platform would cost more than those other web hosting products. Because it charges by how long we use the service. As website service, the usage time would certainly be very long. But, it turns out this is more flexible.

What did I mean flexible? We can select what plan we like and pays only what we need such as size of the disk or memory. After propriate adjustment and optimization, web sites won’t use too many computing resource which means more costing saved.

I also change the server from Apatch to Nignx which seems to be more lightweight and stable. I like it here so far!

I Just Update My Phone

After long waiting, Marshmallow the Android 6.0 update finally coming to my old model phone Sony Z2. Everything works good so far. Greenify crash the phone several times, I figure it out after I update it. I thought it was Xposed, but it’s not. They removed “Stamina Mode“, but I heard “maybe” they will bring it back at later updating … we will see. I just hope the new Android Doze will work as well as Stamina Mode before. By the way, I used Serajr Xperia™ Xposed and the author does not have the new update for Marshmallow yet.

Trying to Find a Good Webhosting for Customer

It took me a while for finding good and stable one. Many of them cut down the original service. If you want the same size or functions, you will have to pay more. Sometimes it’s annoying, but it’s understandable. I just hope this new one I found can be more reliable.
Oh, there are some life trivia of me today. One girl and the other guy in the class just suddenly decided to greet me. So, I just smile back. And there was another thing happened. One of my american friend called me, saying he wants to buy something but he need someone translate to the business man. So, I just did a little talk, and my friend seems very happy about it. It sounds like I solved his huge problem. These are something make me happy today, and I want to write it down. haha

Connected With Google & Facebook

I add Google Friend Connect for people to leave comments easier before. Today, I find Facebook has similar API called WP-FBConnect for their user and i add that, too. I know that there will not be too many friends visit here. But still using it for my own interest, ha!

Plurk using different method here:


Finally! Another new website of mine born.

the link: https://www.wizneo.tk

It not a news that I like to writing some webpage just for fun, such as  http://w3.to/~magic http://nav.myvnc.com. Unfortunately, I am always too lazy to maintain it, so some of them are already missing link or become really ugly by time which there is a lot better way to make website looks better. But even I know I have this bad habit of abandon my own website, I still make this because of I like this theme of WordPress a lot.

In the meanwhile, I build mail, calendar, docs and sites service with my ‘new’ domain using Google Apps. Even the registration is open to public. I think I’ll be the only one to use this domain. 😛