I moved my web host

I know that it’s been a while that my website been slow and unavailable recently. But I am working on another website for job which makes me don’t have time for fixing my own blog. Now, I finally moved and correct links in music list of course, hope this web host will work better.

Finally! Another new website of mine born.

the link: https://www.wizneo.tk

It not a news that I like to writing some webpage just for fun, such as  http://w3.to/~magic http://nav.myvnc.com. Unfortunately, I am always too lazy to maintain it, so some of them are already missing link or become really ugly by time which there is a lot better way to make website looks better. But even I know I have this bad habit of abandon my own website, I still make this because of I like this theme of WordPress a lot.

In the meanwhile, I build mail, calendar, docs and sites service with my ‘new’ domain using Google Apps. Even the registration is open to public. I think I’ll be the only one to use this domain. 😛

Hawaii the Wonder Land

Last night, there was a person who came from Hawaii for introduce his college. Well, for me I have no chance to go to that college again. But according to his speech, Hawaii is a paradise. It’s a very beautiful place. I would like to visit there someday.

Chinese support of Windows

If you are not sure how to make your computer to have Chinese support.
Here are two websites for you to see if this work.

Info from Wiki Help:Multilingual support (East Asian)

Microsoft Support

You may need to use Internet Explorer to view the Traditional Chinese by selecting Big-5 code to enable it. (In general Traditional Chinese computer uses both Unicode and Big-5, Simplified Chinese uses GB)