DigiMee NFT

I like to create my own 3D creations. But stuff on the internet was like “all you can download” … till now.

Digital art was one of the earliest use cases for NFTs due to the ability of blockchain technology to guarantee a unique signature and ownership of the NFT. Like Bitcoin, NFT also contains holder information to facilitate identification and transfer between token holders. Unique NFT data can easily verify its ownership and transfer tokens between owners. Although digital files themselves can be played indefinitely, the NFT representing them will track them in the underlying blockchain and provide buyers with proof of ownership.

Therefore, I am trying to make my own NFT project.

I use auto generated program to combine the 3D components I created. All original created by me. Maybe I will create more components and create more different unique NFT.


DigiMee is an original collection of programmatically generated avatars. Each NFT is unique.

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