ChatGPT Helps Blogging

Are you tired of staring at a blank screen, struggling to come up with ideas for your next blog post? Do you find yourself getting stuck on the wording or phrasing of certain sentences, hindering your ability to convey your message clearly? If so, you might benefit from using ChatGPT, a powerful language model that can assist you with your blogging needs.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model that was developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT-3.5 architecture. It has been trained on a massive amount of data from the internet, allowing it to understand and generate natural language with a high degree of accuracy and fluency. This means that ChatGPT can help you with a wide range of tasks related to your blog, including brainstorming ideas, generating content, and refining your writing style.

One of the key benefits of using ChatGPT is that it can help you overcome writer’s block. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your next post, you can simply input a few keywords related to your topic into ChatGPT, and it will generate a list of potential ideas for you to explore. This can be especially helpful if you’re working on a tight deadline and don’t have a lot of time to spend brainstorming.

In addition to helping with idea generation, ChatGPT can also assist with content creation. For example, if you’re working on an article and you’re stuck on how to phrase a particular sentence or paragraph, you can input your draft text into ChatGPT and ask for suggestions on how to improve it. ChatGPT can provide you with alternative phrasings that can help you convey your message more effectively.

Finally, ChatGPT can also help you refine your writing style. By analyzing your existing content, it can identify patterns in your writing and provide suggestions on how to improve your grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. This can be especially helpful if you’re trying to develop a consistent voice for your blog or if you’re trying to improve your writing skills in general.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help you with a wide range of tasks related to your blog. Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block, looking for new ideas, or trying to refine your writing style, ChatGPT can provide you with the support and guidance you need to create high-quality content that resonates with your audience. So why not give it a try? You might be surprised at just how helpful it can be.


DigiMee NFT

I like to create my own 3D creations. But stuff on the internet was like “all you can download” … till now.

Digital art was one of the earliest use cases for NFTs due to the ability of blockchain technology to guarantee a unique signature and ownership of the NFT. Like Bitcoin, NFT also contains holder information to facilitate identification and transfer between token holders. Unique NFT data can easily verify its ownership and transfer tokens between owners. Although digital files themselves can be played indefinitely, the NFT representing them will track them in the underlying blockchain and provide buyers with proof of ownership.

Therefore, I am trying to make my own NFT project.

I use auto generated program to combine the 3D components I created. All original created by me. Maybe I will create more components and create more different unique NFT.


DigiMee is an original collection of programmatically generated avatars. Each NFT is unique.

find out more :

Oh! I love this web host.

Years of moving around between different web hosts. I think I might settle down here at this latest host. It was about more than a year ago, I decided to try Google Cloud Platform and it went very well.

I was worried Google Cloud Platform would cost more than those other web hosting products. Because it charges by how long we use the service. As website service, the usage time would certainly be very long. But, it turns out this is more flexible.

What did I mean flexible? We can select what plan we like and pays only what we need such as size of the disk or memory. After propriate adjustment and optimization, web sites won’t use too many computing resource which means more costing saved.

I also change the server from Apatch to Nignx which seems to be more lightweight and stable. I like it here so far!

I Just Update My Phone

After long waiting, Marshmallow the Android 6.0 update finally coming to my old model phone Sony Z2. Everything works good so far. Greenify crash the phone several times, I figure it out after I update it. I thought it was Xposed, but it’s not. They removed “Stamina Mode“, but I heard “maybe” they will bring it back at later updating … we will see. I just hope the new Android Doze will work as well as Stamina Mode before. By the way, I used Serajr Xperia™ Xposed and the author does not have the new update for Marshmallow yet.