Trying to Find a Good Webhosting for Customer

It took me a while for finding good and stable one. Many of them cut down the original service. If you want the same size or functions, you will have to pay more. Sometimes it’s annoying, but it’s understandable. I just hope this new one I found can be more reliable.
Oh, there are some life trivia of me today. One girl and the other guy in the class just suddenly decided to greet me. So, I just smile back. And there was another thing happened. One of my american friend called me, saying he wants to buy something but he need someone translate to the business man. So, I just did a little talk, and my friend seems very happy about it. It sounds like I solved his huge problem. These are something make me happy today, and I want to write it down. haha

New Website Looking

I just change the new theme for my website. Just same with the original one, this new looking will still looks like handwriting note-book. I like that style haha.

Friends Visit

Today, my friend travel to the town near my place. I decide to go meet him and his wife. I was exciting because we never able to see each other for years after all. We spent whole afternoon chatting and hanging. It doesn’t really matters where we’ve been or what we talked about. What matters is we know each other are good. It’s good to know his wife and knowing her pregnant. They are very sweet couple and I am so happy for them. I am looking forward to the birth of their baby.


We Are Just Grass

I saw this movie called Monga which describe early Taipei gangster. This lines are form the movie.

Where the wind blows, the grass will bow.
When I was young, I thought I could be like the wind.
Not until I was wounded, did I realize I am only like the insignificant grass.


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